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Buying Gadgets: This is iOS 11 and watchOS 4!

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Apple’s WWDC is always the showcase for what the company’s software approach will be for the next 12 months or so. Even though many criticize the company for its conservative approach, we have to remember that Apple sees itself primarily as a software company, so clearly it must be doing something right in this department to drive so much loyalty.

Watch our first impressions of iOS 11.


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  1. I swear the only thing Apple has is iMessage and FaceTime. Otherwise, for the last couple years they put out the same phone with minor tweaks and 2-3 features Android had like 10 years ago. Smh

  2. If Apple sees themselves primarily as a software company, why does their software suck so much ass?

  3. I’m an Android guy, and I really like how iOS 11 looks for tablets. heres hoping Google can catch up in the tablet space soon, or they may loose their chance.

  4. How to multitask without an app in dock!

    Go to home screen, press, hold and move the app you want to multitask with. Then tap on the other app right afterwards and it’ll open up with the other app still in you hand.

    Hope this helps!

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